Middle School Business

No matter their plans for the future, all middle school students can benefit from Gause’s Middle School Business program.

Through the Middle School Business program, students learn a variety of commonly used computer programs and complete numerous real-world projects and activities.

Students learn to use Microsoft Office, including Word, PowerPoint, Publisher and Excel. In addition, they develop a foundational knowledge of the following:

  • Digital literacy
  • Computer hardware
  • Digital photography
  • Multimedia production
  • Video game creation
  • Computer coding

Through the Middle School Business program, students develop technology skills they will use in the classroom and workplace for years to come.

Culinary Arts

With world-class restaurants, amusement parks, and cruise lines all located within just an hour of Polk County, the culinary arts field offers abundant employment opportunities.

Gause Academy middle school students have the ability to begin preparing for a future career in the culinary arts before even entering high school.

The Culinary Arts program teaches students the theories and methods of food preparation and presentation, as well as sanitary kitchen practices. Students learn culinary vocabulary, knife safety, cooking times and temperature levels that avoid contamination, and more to prepare them to earn ServSafe certification, an industry-standard credential.

Students also have the ability to flex their creativity through activities in plate presentation and the school’s annual Cupcake Wars, a competition to bake the most irresistible cupcake on campus.

The Culinary Arts program is an excellent choice even for students who do not anticipate a career in the culinary field. Cooking is a necessary part of everyday life, and safe kitchen practices are just as relevant at home as they are in five-star restaurants.

Students have additional opportunities to hone their culinary skills through the school’s chapter of Family, Career and Community Leaders of America.

Culinary arts student standing with a plate of food

Culinary 1 & 2

Culinary 1 and Culinary 2 focuses on helping students make informed decisions regarding their future academic and occupational goals. The content includes; the development of leadership skills, communication skills, and employability skills, resource management; kitchen safety and sanitation; exploration of careers in the culinary field; kitchen basics and knives and small-ware; and hands-on skills that relate to the culinary industry.